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Caring for Widows

Caring for Widows Strong’s Concordance defines a widow, as a woman lacking a husband, literally or figuratively. This definition brought to mind the “widows” of inmates. We see them weekly visiting their husbands or attending family builder programs. Our chaplains receive their tearful phone calls to notify

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Listening to God

“Listening to God”   “Six long years here in the prison but I am not going to complain about it because if the Lord had not set me down, I would not understand what I really need to be doing in life.”  -Cherry Street Prison Offender I

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Only One Way

“Only One Way”   Consider the words of Jesus. “You cannot come to the Father but through me.” Now consider that He was the carpenter who built the bridge over dangerous valleys for some to come. Perhaps He was the mason who built stone steps for some

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