Stay tuned…

Stay tuned…   How should we describe COVID-19? Seemingly, a never-ending inconvenience in providing ministry to the incarcerated men and women at the community detention center, jail. Covid-19’s subtle attack has not only been a disruption in our personal lives, but also in our spiritual assignment(s); Dr. Luke 4:18-19 so eloquently describes his assignment: The Spirit […]

A Ministry Opportunity

For several years I have renewed my notary license so that I may assist offenders’ signage of legal documents. These include power of attorney, state forms and documents relevant to family matters. This service is an opportunity for me to share the love and care of Christ. During the high virus cases, a table was […]

This is God’s Ministry

When I first arrived at Forsyth Jail & Prison Ministries in June of last year, Rodney Stilwell told me, “This is God’s ministry.” I knew it, and I was not surprised by the statement. But, he said it with such passion and conviction, it caused me to step back and think for a minute on […]

Chaplain Chronicles

On November 30, 2021, over 300 friends, volunteers, and supporters of Forsyth Jail & Prison Ministries gathered at the Benton Convention Center for our fundraising breakfast. While this has become an annual event, this year’s breakfast was anything but a normal, ordinary event. For starters, it was the first time that our supporting community has […]

Soul Reflections

Our staff is reading the book Soul Keeping. I have never enjoyed reading for fun, but this book holds my interest, and I can say I’m enjoying reading. It has enlightened me on my own soul keeping and the importance in my daily walk. Our ministry has faced many struggles over the past year and half […]

A Cry for Help from the Jail

A Cry for Help from the Jail   In the midst of so many incarcerated men housed at the Forsyth County Detention Center, it is easy to forget the women who are there as well.  One of the routines in serving at the jail is to gather request forms completed by inmates who ask for […]

The Power of Presence During a Pandemic

The Power of Presence During a Pandemic   One of the most difficult aspects of incarceration is separation from family and loved ones. This separation has been magnified during the COVID-19 crisis which has caused the cancellation of all visitation and the majority of the programs in our facilities. No outside visitors or volunteers have […]

Caring for Widows

Caring for Widows Strong’s Concordance defines a widow, as a woman lacking a husband, literally or figuratively. This definition brought to mind the “widows” of inmates. We see them weekly visiting their husbands or attending family builder programs. Our chaplains receive their tearful phone calls to notify an inmate that a loved one has died […]

“Chasing Something Else That Put Me Where I Am Now”

This is a quote I recently heard from an offender at the Cherry Street prison, and wow, how true it is to not just for his life, but can be for anyone’s life. We often find ourselves chasing hopes and dreams that lead us to look past our current life that is already full of […]

Seeing God’s Grace Behind the Walls – From Volunteer to Board Member

Seeing God’s Grace Behind the Walls – From Volunteer to Board Member   When I first became a jail ministry volunteer, I got involved because of my passion to provide hope, love and support to hurting women.  Throughout my time as a ministry volunteer, I was blessed beyond measure by the number of women that […]