PRAY IN MAY! The 2018 Prayer Gathering is Friday, June 1st, 5:30pm

Join the volunteers and staff in praying each day in the month of May at 6am and 6pm. The prayer focus will be the 6 things Jesus highlighted in Matthew chapter 25:

1. Feed the hungry  2. Give water to the thirsty  3. Welcome the stranger
4. Clothe the naked  5. Visit the sick  6. Come to the prisoner

Providing Christian counsel. Helping inmates prepare for a life outside of prison. Ministering to inmates through worship, music and Bible studies…

This is just a sampling of the work performed by the Forsyth Jail & Prison Ministries (FJPM) in Winston-Salem.

With the help of volunteers and staff, the FJPM ministers to the inmate populations of the maximum security Forsyth County Detention Center in downtown Winston-Salem (population approx. 750), and the minimum security Forsyth Correctional Center in northern Winston-Salem (population approximately 250).

We are an inter-denominational ministry that thrives and survives on the efforts of our volunteers, and by the grants and private donations we receive from the public. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please click here. If you can present an offering of any size to help us maintain and improve this invaluable community service, please click here.

In addition to ministering to inmates, one of our key goals is to provide a variety of skills that help inmates adjust to life after imprisonment. From teaching coping mechanisms and finding employment, to avoiding the behaviors that got them into trouble, we offer a wide range of services that help inmates survive in jail, and thrive outside of it.

“Remember those in prison as if you were in prison with them.”

Hebrews 13:3

Our Ministry at the maximum security Forsyth County Detention Center in downtown Winston-Salem is the larger of our two ministries. Click here to learn more.

Our Ministry at the minimum security Forsyth Correctional Center is the smaller of our two ministries, but nonetheless important. Click here to learn more.

From events with prison inmates to volunteer gatherings, click here to learn more about FJPM in pictures.


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