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How should we describe COVID-19? Seemingly, a never-ending inconvenience in providing ministry to the incarcerated men and women at the community detention center, jail.

Covid-19’s subtle attack has not only been a disruption in our personal lives, but also in our spiritual assignment(s); Dr. Luke 4:18-19 so eloquently describes his assignment: The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, Because he hath anointed me to (preach) minister the gospel to the poor; He hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to (preach) minister deliverance to the captives, And recovering of sight to the blind, To set at liberty them that are bruised, To minister the acceptable year of the Lord.

Although, it has been a long 2-years, filled with unanswered questions and uncertainty, I exclaim that we are on the brink of brighter days ahead. No, FJPM has not been informed when you (volunteers) will be allowed to come into the jail to provide ministry of Bible Studies, Sunday Worship, Hope on the inside, etc., of which you have so faithfully been a part of for many years, before COVID-19. But there is good news… Chaplain Wells has been allowed to start-up 7-Habits and the Trauma informed/healing courses at the jail. A capacity of 15-women have been allowed to congregate, in a group setting, to take advantage of the courses. We are excited and pray that you are excited too. With such being allowed, it provides hope that things are turning around and prayerfully very soon,  we will be allowed to engage in a glimpse of what we use to know as normalcy meaning you (volunteers) will be allowed to enter the jail to attend to your assignments in which God has ordained.

As of March 08, 2022, the sunrays started peeping through the dark cloud of COVID-19. FJPM is excited to exclaim that slowly but surely things are turning around for the good.

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-Peggie Wells, Chaplain & Family Minister