Supporting Families

Often times, families of those incarcerated are left to continue to care for loved ones, support children, and keep life moving forward with little of no support. Forsyth Jail and Prison Ministries offers several programs to support the families of incarcerated individuals. 

Fun with Father

Fun with Father is an program designed to allow inmates a unique opportunity to spend quality time with their children. The program consists of a day filled with crafts and recreational activities to strengthen relationships, increase problem solving skills, build trust, and challenge fears. The program also includes a devotional message from a local minister. During the weeks leading up to the Fun with Father program, a class on fatherhood is taught by our FJPM chaplains. Volunteers are welcome to participate in this program.

To mentor the child of an inmate contact:

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Goodwill Industries Good Guides Teen Mentoring Program

In the Name of the Father Holiday Event

In the Name of the Father is a Christmas program where community supporters provide Christmas gifts for children of inmates. The week before the program, inmates are given an opportunity to “shop” through the donated gifts to select a gift the child will like. On the day of the program, participating inmates come together with their children to give them the gifts they selected. The inmates and children are able to spend time together and celebrate Christmas. 

On Wings Like a Dove

Provides spiritual and emotional support for families who have an incarcerated loved one.