Thanking God for Waking Me Up

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up each morning? I’d never given that much thought – until I became involved in worship services at the Cherry Street Prison and the Downtown Jail.

At these worship services, we always ask the attendees what they are thankful for that day. It really struck me that every time, without fail, at least one person would say he or she was thankful to God for waking them up that morning. That initially confused me – what on earth did that mean? But as I thought more about it, God showed me how profound this statement of praise really is. God takes care of us wherever we are, day by day. And every day on earth is another chance for us to share the gospel with someone else who needs to hear it. If God didn’t expect us to be his hands and feet here on earth, then he would have taken me to heaven at 8 years old, after I walked down that aisle during a revival service at church. So those in the Prison and Jail have shown me that each day God gives us on earth is a precious gift not to be wasted. And now I too begin my day by thanking God for waking me up – and giving me another day in his service.


Karen Lefler, Vice Chairman

Forsyth Jail & Prison Ministries