“Only One Way”


Consider the words of Jesus.

“You cannot come to the Father but through me.”

Now consider that He was the carpenter who built the bridge over dangerous valleys for some to come.

Perhaps He was the mason who built stone steps for some to climb to the mountaintop.

He may have been the boatman who ferried some across stormy seas.

In all of these, Jesus was the way that provided access, even though the travelers took different routes.

And so, it is in life.

The spirit of God may come in various forms to guide the seeker to love and truth.

There is that deep well of Godly truth which transcends religious understanding and observance and touches the very core of the faith traveler. For religious observance is but an attempt to live as one believes God expects them to live. Yet, none are certain of what God expects from them, other than to love God.

But the committed Disciple of Jesus the Christ understands that like Christ, our love for God is demonstrated in our love for one another.

So, like Jesus, the staff and volunteers of the Forsyth Jail & Prison Ministries community employ various means and methods to show the incarcerated and their families the love of God. All to build that bridge or ferry someone to the Father through the one and only way, the perfect love of Jesus the Christ.


Martin Lawson, TTW Director

Forsyth Jail & Prison Ministries