This is a quote I recently heard from an offender at the Cherry Street prison, and wow, how true it is to not just for his life, but can be for anyone’s life. We often find ourselves chasing hopes and dreams that lead us to look past our current life that is already full of blessings. We strive for bigger houses, nicer cars, and more money and yet more is not always better. Just as this offender explained further, he was chasing a lifestyle of drugs and money, but that sent him to prison and not higher up the success ladder as he had originally planned.

I find myself listening often as the men at the prison visit the Chapel to speak with the Chaplain, request information for our upcoming class schedule, or even asking for a greeting card, it can be a plea for a simple listening ear. Often you hear their story of striving for worldly possessions, which has resulted in serving prison time. Why do we strive for more than we have right in front of us? The gift of God’s love was freely given to each of us. If we slow ourselves down and listen to God, we can hear so much more in slow motion. We can hear him say that with him we have all we truly need, without the fancy wonders of the material world.

“You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13

I pray this prayer often, “Please God, slow me down to enjoy the life you have given me and the wonders of a life I have with you. Amen.”

Brooke Stultz, FJPM Administrative Assistant