Transition to Work Program Director – Job Description


The Transition to Work Program (TTW) Director fulfills assigned program responsibilities of the Forsyth Jail and Prison Ministries (FJPM) in the correctional center (prison), and the community at large. This position provides day-to-day oversight of the TTW Program. The work of this position focuses on direct ministry to transitioning offenders, ex-offenders, and families.

Responsibilities are in three areas: Pre-Release in the Facility, Post-Release Field Work in the Community, and Administration and Growth. This is accomplished by the mentoring, encouraging, and teaching of offenders/ex-offenders; coordinating, planning and leading various TTW programs; supervising other program volunteers and support personnel; and training a permanent Director.

General Duties and Responsibilities:

Pre-Release in the Facility

  1. Shares information regarding the program with offenders
  2. Manages participants with regard to TTW program requirements and progress
  3. Leads and supervises other staff involved in various aspects of TTW
  4. Coordinates supportive and counseling services for offenders
  5. Plans, supervises and directs pre-release TTW classes
  6. Supports offenders in various matters involving their release and re-entry process
  7. Encourages participants in other programs – religious, substance abuse and Project Re Entry
  8. Spends time with prison staff and offenders in an unstructured manner
  9. Responds to offenders requesting a meeting in a timely fashion

Post-Release Field Work in the Community

  1. Provides mentoring support for ex-offenders in the program
  2. Leads and supervises volunteers in mentoring program
  3. Assists ex-offenders in times of crisis, employment and housing searches, and family counseling
  4. Coordinates and supervises all transportation services, including the driver and the bus operation
  5. Manages ex-offenders with program requirements and progress
  6. Coordinates ex-offenders in counseling with local agencies
  7. Recruits and assists employers to hire TTW participants
  8. Supports ex-offenders in matters involving their re-entry process
  9. Creates and directs activities, retreats, and educational opportunities for ex-offenders
  10. Visits ex-offenders in the community, at work and in their residences
  11. Maintains regular contact by phone with ex-offenders in the program

Administration and Growth

  1. Interprets policies, procedures and purposes of the program to the Executive Director and the Board of Directors to offenders, facility staff, volunteers, churches and the community
  2. Consults and assists facility program officials to prepare offenders for release
  3. Works with staff to operate program
  4. Directs and supervises all financial aspects of the transportation, housing, general services involving participants
  5. Ensures accurate financial management and accurate record-keeping
  6. Provides Executive Director and Board of Directors with required reports
  7. Communicates regularly and meets weekly with the Executive Director
  8. Maintains a boundary between aftercare work and chaplaincy services
  9. Serves as an advocate for the program in the community when available
  10. Works with the Executive Director to create and establish a growth plan.
  11. Works with the Executive Director and Board of Directors to determine realistic growth and proper growth areas.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or related field (preferred)
  2. Two years experience in case management (preferred)

Pay and Benefits:

This position provides a competitive pay and benefits package.


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