Fun with Father

Fun with Father, September 9, 2017


Fun with Father Program was created to help inmates grown in parenting skills with their children. Through classroom instruction, discussion and application, inmate families are strengthened, and at-risk children receive much needed affirmation for success. Children of inmates:

¨ are 6 times more likely to be involved in criminal behavior,

¨ experience learning & behavior difficulty in school,

¨ often live in low-income housing and receive government assistance.


Analyses show that fathers who have regular contact with their children before release and report good family support overall are more likely to be attached to their children after release. Moreover, in the first few months after release, fathers who are more strongly attached to their children work more hours per week, have better mental health, and are less likely to commit crime, get arrested, or violate conditions of their supervision. Criminal Justice Policy Review  – January 2013


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