Transition To Work



Transition to Work prepares inmates for release into the community via a 12-month pre-release four course curriculum focusing on life skills, decision making, and employment skills.               TTW continues with comprehensive additional support addressing housing, transportation, employment, behavioral health, and mentoring needs during the critical 90-120 day period following release.

Pre and post release support for inmates:



Plan to Prosper Handbook

The Plan to Prosper handbook contains practical information and resources for ex-offenders returning to Forsyth County.                                                                                                              This handbook is updated yearly and is posted online here: Plan to Prosper

Eureka Ministry

Eureka Transitional Home is for male ex-offenders returning to society. The ministry provides various services, including a support group                                                                                                      that meets twice a month at various churches. Contact Harold Smith at 336-761-8407 (email:


SOAR Program with the City of Winston-Salem

SOAR (The Successful Outcomes After Release) Program is designed to provide gainful employment to former offenders that meet program guidelines while supplementing the city’s existing workforce in areas of critical need. The city will designate temporary positions for a period of six months. Under immediate supervision, SOAR participants will perform routine labor jobs such as landscaping, mowing, maintaining public and historic buildings, picking up paper and debris on public property and streets, and assisting with housing code enforcement. In addition, participants will be provided life skills training via lectures, group discussions, and activities such as goal setting; planning; interpersonal relationship skills; diversity; personal accountability; financial management; communication; GED and/or post-secondary education; job search techniques; self-presentation; and resume writing.