Our human nature is to reject change because it is not always easy. What we fail to remember is that this is not “our” life plan for ourselves, but our lives are what God has planned for us. God did not tell us life would be easy, he painted the picture that it would be worth it. Our eternal life in heaven with him will be far greater than we can begin to imagine. How awesome is that!

Exactly one year ago, an answer to my prayers of over 4 years, was made clear to me through the Forsyth Jail and Prison Ministries. I felt as though my professional life was in need of a change and in August 2016, I received an email regarding a position that was available as an Administrative Assistant. I researched the ministry through the website and applied for the position, truthfully without having a full understanding of the entire position. After the first interview with Rodney Stilwell, I went home with a great feeling of just how awesome this new job could be. However, it was not until the second interview, that I had divine intervention that I knew this is where I wanted to be. I had been at the same position for 10 years, with the same company but it was now God showed me just why my prayers for 4 years had not been answered. As I was leaving the Chapel, Chaplain Stilwell unlocked the door and saw me out, but he had forgotten something. I remember as if it was yesterday, he said “I almost forgot to pray with you before you left, do you mind if we do that?” We stood on the outside steps of the Chapel on a beautiful afternoon in the Fall and we prayed over what we both believed was the beginning of a new partnership.

This ministry has blessed me in so many ways. To see the transformations of the men and women who are incarcerated, right in our own neighborhood, has opened my eyes completely. They are eager and willing to learn about God. In addition, I have met so many new people through the volunteer program at the jail and at the prison. Seasoned volunteers have welcomed me, just as they do when working with inmates.

Although human nature is to reject change, I am truly thankful for God’s intervention in my life a year ago.

-Brooke Stultz, Administrative Asst. at Forsyth Jail & Prison Ministries